Mysticraft - A gamified educational software to help students learn

Mysticraft is a gamified educational software which helps students improve their learning outcomes. The software provides a diverse range of learning scenarios through a virtual world where students are free to choose any scenario to start an inquiry-based study for different learning tasks. It also improves learning efficiency and helps engage students in class.

Offering vast VR, 2D and 3D resources online

Mysticraft is a visual editor to create virtual reality and 3D content, satisfying students' curiosity and stimulating their imagination.
Students can create their own scenarios and grasp knowledge simultaneously through adding or editing plots, events, NPCs and game settings.

VR Demo Video

Powerful Editor

  • Multiple Editing Functions

    The software supports resources such as 3D models, actions, audio, picture, video, light effects, PPT, BIM, CAD, script languages, etc., and allows users to edit the scene terrain, role, sky, UI, events, creating high quality VR, 3D, 2D content.

  • Abundant World Rules

    The software automatically contains a wealth of world rules, and supports the triggering of a variety of events. You can customize the object weight, volume, AI and other attributes. It also features an extensible dynamic engine rule base, which supports power, physics, chemical, weather and speech recognition.

  • Various Product Modes

    It is simple and fast to edit VR, 2D and 3D works in various modes: plot mode, interactive plot mode, free exploration mode, sandbox mode and more.

Seamless Workflow

  • Easy to Understand

    Mysticraft is simple to use even for a novice. Users only need to drag, drop and resize the objects from our Cloud library to create high-quality VR, 2D and 3D contents with ease.

  • Easy to Start

    Mysticraft has visual editing operations, graphical interface, rich editing templates and a large pool of online resources. You can quickly search, load and use the resources at your fingertips, with access to our huge Cloud library anywhere and anytime.

  • Easy to Use

    Users can choose from a variety of online works and library of products to provide entertaining tasks, match resourcesintelligently, adopt editing templates, set rich AI attributes, and edit rules, so that users can build a vivid world without complex editing.

Largest Asset Library

  • Large Cloud Resource Library

    Currently the online library has more than 40 categories and around 30,000 assets, including diversified art styles, abundant 3D and VR scenes, characters, animals, architectures, items, plants, microorganism, multimedia, PPT, web and much more. The library will be updated continuously,and users may even get to access learning resources from popular games and movies.

  • Numerous High Quality Resources

    Mysticraft possesses a large number of next generation art assets which are compatible with different computer hardwares. The strict resource review process ensures the final display of art assets and supports multiple platforms, so that users can freely use and create high-quality resource contents.

Constructive Learning Mode

  • Constructive Learning Mode

    Mysticraft contains a variety of course packages, such as object assembly, Q & A guidance, scene restoration, plot complements, order rearrangement, virtual laboratory, etc. To cultivate teamwork , logical thinking, creativity and practical ability.

  • Funny Learning Process

    Mysticraft turns knowledge points of different subjects into game-like VR course packages, helping students understand learning objectives and have an entertaining learning process, to master the knowledge. Student will gain a sense of accomplishment by sharing their work.

  • Easy Courseware Editing

    Teachers can easily create and edit VR courseware using Mysticraft. The VR courseware will enhance student engagement and improve learning efficiency. Students will show more interest in teachers and gain better results actively and efficiently.

Internationalization and Multi-language

Supported languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese. Mysticraft is moving towards the international education market. Thai, Malaysian, and other versions can be expected. Users will be able to switch languages easily so that more peoplecan enjoy the novel experience of VR educationworldwide.