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Take A Global View

Students can immerse themselves into the vivid scenes to explore and construct, greatly stimulating their learning interest and imagination.

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Create A Wonderful VR World

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Choose the characters
and scene for the story

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Animate the Characters
by Assigning Behaviors

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Show your work to
your friends

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    It's so wonderful!
    In VR Mysticraft, it seems like
    the whole universe is at my feet,I can
    not only turn to be an extraordinary
    astronaut,but also go to the
    jungle for adventure!

  • Parents background


    Children always like unusual
    things, VR mysticraft perfectly meets
    their fantasy. They get in touch with
    new toys and things in study and
    master the knowledge while playing,
    which truly allow them to enjoy
    the fun of learning.

  • Teacher background


    VR mysticraft provides me with
    easy teaching content, what’s more,
    it makes my classroom so colorful!
    It stimulates students' enthusiasm for
    learning effectively which really
    helps their creativity
    and innovation