Why Children Are Getting Addicted To This Virtual Reality Training Software Nowadays?

2020-04-22 05:19:45

Interactive learning is growing at an astonishingly fast rate, and advancements in virtual reality (VR) technology has led to several potential novel applications. Commercial VR headsets are extensively employed for entertainment purposes, with various individuals’ experiences of VR being from video games and other widely circulated media, as these media are broadly publicized and well known, leading to higher demand. Nevertheless, virtual reality training software has broader application possibilities, thanks to notable advancements in the technology with the accessibility in a mobile form.


VR technologies empower children to observe and communicate with virtual environments and articles. Modern VR experiences are delivered by a headset that allows the user to see – and in some cases, listen – the 3D ecosystem. In this way, the user is connected in the virtual setting, as it supersedes the physical surroundings around them. Immersion and engagement can be viewed as intrinsically connected in virtual environments.


Virtual Reality possesses several features that prove to be beneficial in training and education: it offers a 3D environment; it is interactive and can also provide audio, visual as well as haptic feedback. Proffering educational elements in 3D can be exceptionally advantageous for teaching topics and subjects where it is critical to envision the educational materials say for instance in chemistry and engineering. Learning through visualization is among the topmost obvious advantages of virtual reality training software for children.


But, videos are passive knowledge transmitters, whereas, virtual reality training software provides for personal communication with the environment. Interactivity and feedback is a valuable factor for almost all subjects, as there are definite gains of interactive learning because it encourages active learning rather than passive learning.


Virtual Reality: An Eye for the New Generation


Why virtual reality is a perfect medium for kids? The prime characteristic of these media is that you communicate with your physical body. These are experiences that inspire standing, hiking, throwing, touching, grasping, squeezing, pulling, bending, and crawling. Grown-ups are shy of interacting using their bodies. They favor to relax and watch or point and tap. For kids, exploring the universe is a full-body adventure, which fills up perfectly with the potential of the virtual reality training software.

VR enables you to explore in another dimension

Why Are Children Getting Addicted To This Virtual Reality Training Software?


Ever since virtual reality has opened its doors to the public, about a third of the clientele have been children. Even though Kids, old 8, and above were never the target audience, the response received was very overwhelming and the percentage has continued to grow every year. Nowadays, this virtual reality training software is very popular in schools and colleges and the adoption and usage are accelerating in the education and training domain.


Here are some of the reasons why kids are so addicted to this virtual reality training software:


  • Kids have adapted to digital technology better than adults


The new generation may not be well aware of the theories or science behind modern digital technologies but they have absorbed technology quicker and better than most adults above the age of 40. The extension of the internet, broadband system, and smart devices since the early 2000s has produced a generation of digital citizens.


Kids of this generation haven't witnessed rotary cells, dial-up internet, or even those enormous cassette players; because they are mastering how to click and swipe through new smartphones and tablets before they can speak. As a result, children usually find modern digital technologies way more attractive and are get easily adaptable to them than many adults.


The story of virtual reality training software is no different!


  • An instant hit among kids


Virtual Reality produces is an immersive experience that most children have never used before. They also may not yet own had the leisure to explore the wonders of the earth, something VR can accommodate without the need to spend thousands or travel on a plane for it. Besides, VR's interactivity supports learning via real-life communications meant to cater to the kid's thirst for creativity. For example, many early VR apps enable 3D painting or sculpting related perks and since 3D painting is inherent to VR, we have observed children design artwork likely unthinkable by grown-ups.


  • No Barrier

Children, during their initial years of learning, are way too inquisitive to stick to books. They need a space where they can learn new things and the availability of content is limitless.


The same goes for teens. As they switch to higher classes, their subjects get more complicated, and merely relying on classroom material will do no good to them. 


These instances have shifted the preference among kids from the conventional forms of learning to virtual reality training software. With the diversity of content and free updates from the Internet, kids love them.


  • Children love to play and but also love learning new things

Immersive Learning Experience for Kids

There's no second thought on how much kids love video games and are extremely likely to play with it. However, it has been observed that using this virtual reality training software, they are more enthusiastic and more active to learn new topics and explore new worlds. As virtual reality mixes fun with education and training, more and more kids are drawn towards it.


  1. Virtual Field Trips


The most common reason why kids love Virtual Reality is that it allows them to explore various locations on the global map and visit sites that they may never have physically for various reasons.


The conventional teaching methods are a one-way transmission of knowledge whereas virtual reality training software accommodates two-way information dissemination.


Say for example, with the use of VR technology, students can enjoy their history class by not just reading about world wars but experience it in front of their eyes. VR gives them a genuine experience that is missing in a traditional classroom.


  1. Special Education


Students with special needs are also a big fan of VR technologies as it does not prevents them due to any bodily disability or mental inadequacies. Instead, this virtual reality training software help students get more opportunities for adequate academic training. They can study and enjoy limitless possibilities using technology.

Virtual reality is no less than an assistive technology, due to its potential to reduce or offset the consequences of disability and present an alternative median for an individual to succeed in a particular task.


  1. Distant Learning


Another great reason why VR has gained so much popularity among kids is it allows distant learning. Advancements in technology and the expanding web connectivity have turned the world into a small global village. Using virtual reality training software, one can attend any school or study any topic of your choice online. It's not just a convenient tool but also provides a real classroom experience.


  1.  Increases Students' Engagement.


Nowadays, educators find it extremely difficult to generate a productive engagement within the schoolroom. But with the use of virtual reality technology in classrooms, most of the students feel motivated to speak about their experiences which makes them a strong communicator, eliminating shyness. Kids get more confident with the use of VR which makes them love it even more.


  1. Doesn't Feel Like They Are Studying.


Who does not enjoy putting a headset on their heads and seeing stuff sparkle before their eyes, absorbing new information with the use of videos and amazing visualizations? VR does not make learning look like a tedious task. It makes it fun and exciting. Children, irrespective of their age-group, enjoy learning new things. This way they become more ambitious.


This is a customary rule - When people enjoy doing things, they will execute it with even more interest, and they'll do it better and won't feel like they are doing something painful.


  1.  Eliminates The Language Barrier

The language is often a huge obstacle when it comes to interacting inter-country wise. With virtual reality, all possible languages are integrated within the software. Hence, language no longer serves as a barrier to kids’ plans.


Additionally, this virtual reality training software is also used by children who are interested in learning new languages. They prefer it over the books or other conventional methods due to the personal touch provided by VR.


  1. Generates Interest

Lastly, another reason for kids to like and prefer VR over other tools is that it acts as a medium that generates interest. No matter what age they have, or what purpose they choose, kids will always enjoy sitting and watching things rather than reading it. VR technology is very fascinating, as it can create astonishing learning experiences that one can never "live" in his or her real life.

Students feel more motivated to learn with the application of this technology.


  1.  An exciting medium for storytelling


Kids don't simply enjoy listening to stories, they truly learn a lot from them. The use of Virtual reality in storytelling is increasingly on the rise. Since kids love to visualize and not just hear about the tales of the "thirty crow" or "Sinbad and Aladdin", their preference is changing from conventional books to virtual reality tools. And the fun fact is, they learn way too much with the modern medium.


The commitment level of the learners with the use of virtual reality training software is extremely high according to the educators as contrasted to conventional science lessons. Many researchers also claim that VR signifies nothing less than a "revolution for tomorrow" in education. And even though it will take a few years for virtual reality training software in education to go wild in the crowd, there are already initial adopters and promoters pushing it to hold a larger role in how the children are preached.


Is Virtual Reality Training Software Harmful For Children?


A lot of parents seem concerned about their kids getting addicted to VR sets and whether they have any negative impact on them. Although, the right word to use here is not "addicted" but inspired towards learning. Virtual reality is filled with benefits to humankind and kids are using it to explore every side of the world.


  • It entertains
  • It provides great choices for interactive games and movies
  • It helps to connect with people who are distant apart.
  • It creates a feeling of empathy
  • It helps in learning a new language.
  • It holds great potential in the education sector.


The list is practically endless and is just wonderful. Virtual reality is driving our lives ahead in a particular dimension that is far better than the existing entertainment and education system. It is providing a completely new definition of escapism with enhanced levels of immersive learning experiences.