Immersive Experiences Transform Teaching and Learning

2019-06-06 21:30:30


Advances in Virtual Reality (VR) have created exciting opportunities for education. Growing interest has been seen with the educators and learners in the use of VR as an effective educational tool in the world. VR can simulate the real world and put the users directly into simulated situations, where they can practice techniques in a safe, controlled and realistic environment. The latest generation of VR is aptly engaging, bringing exciting new potential to the classroom.


According to research in Educational Psychology Review, VR experiences heighten memorability through increased multi-sensory and emotional inputs. With presence and emotional responsiveness increased, memory retention is proven to enhance. This makes Virtual Reality an exciting new and effective tool, which makes the users feel that they are actually experiencing a real-life situation, instead of just observing it. It leads to enhanced retention of the learning outcomes, resulting in higher learning efficiency.

VR headsets also provide concentration. With your eyes, ears and mind "locked" by the headset, you can no longer pick up your phone or get distracted. All of these factors make VR a powerful new tool for experiential learning.

Key advantages of immersive learning:

- More opportunities of gamified learning

- A safe, controlled and realistic place to experiment

- An innovative and exciting approach to engage learners

- Versatile and adaptable

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