Education Reshaped by VR

2019-06-18 21:29:46

Technology has become a necessary part of creating a positive learning environment within classroom, working to tackle the challenges related to creativity, interactivity, engagement, curiosity, etc. From engaging students with creative content to encouraging students to switching their roles from passive listeners to active thinkers and learners, there are many benefits. Educational technologies can be used to promote communication, enhance engagement and even strengthen bonds between teachers and students as they are given the chance to no longer stand or sit on the opposite sides of the lectern, but also participate in team building activities.


Virtual Reality Lets Students Actually "See"

You may be having a headache when teaching your preschoolers or kids at lower grades about things they can't actually see, for example dinosaurs, space, planets, farms (for city kids), oceans (for kids who don't live near one), etc. You may be worrying that kids are not be able to grasp the concept at such a young age. In fact, they might be extremely interested.

For early childhood education, the best way of teaching is to let them actually "see" and "observe". With VR Mysticraft, you can create a "real" model and bring children to the world of the extinct creatures or any realistic simulations. It's a great way to show the learners live models, sounds and animations with three-dimension sound and visual effects.


Make Learning Exciting

Rather than falling back on traditional teaching activities, your class should promote engagement and creativity. Ideally, it should be something new or different - as well as offering that all-important captivating and innovative spirit!

Modern-day VR technology makes this possible. With opportunities to build and visit the virtual museums, to teach your entire class interesting facts and history of famous relics, or even to dive into the water to meet marine animals and discover sunken treasures, capabilities of today's VR technology is limitless.


Learning should be exciting! When you deliver knowledge to your students, you should be able to see keen interest and curiosity in your audience. If for some reason you identity few students who are too introvert or simply bored, you might need to overhaul your approach to teaching.

VR Technology in Education

Today's education provides ample opportunities for technological teaching and learning activities that incorporate exciting gadgets and gizmos, taking class from purely teachers interaction oriented to incorporating an entirely digital approach.

Our educational software, VR Mysticraft, is an excellent way to gamify your teaching experience with innovative technology. Both students and teachers can use VR Mysticraft to create VR games and videos, without coding. It is integrated with an extensive online library providing various out-of-box models (including humans, animals, architecture, vehicles and many other items), weather systems, behaviors, events and scenes, to help users skip the complex process of coding and generate any games and videos that meet their needs with simple steps of drag and drop.

The software encourages the development of skills including creative thinking, problem solving and innovation, however, students won't be bothered by the aim of learning once they immerse themselves in the fun of these engaging games.

The Next Revolutionary Step in Education

We invite you to try the future of education - Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality educational games provide the opportunity for learners to dive into a new world, a digital world, where the rules of the real world no longer apply. Virtual reality games have been developed that allow you to fly, paint a sketch, talk to our ancestors face to face or even transport yourself to the future – what you do is all up to the limit of your imagination.

Virtual reality is the next big thing in education and your students will undoubtedly be thrilled to give our more unique, yet engaging educational game a try.

If your students have never experienced VR before or if you want to encourage some excitement and anticipation for a class, this is the way to go!

While virtual reality is gradually becoming more user-friendly, our VR Mysticraft software can even help you skip the steps of coding and drawing, allowing not only you but even your students to use this fantastic innovative tool to build a virtual kingdom easily while gaining valuable skills and encouraging that all-important learning development.

If you are interested in knowing more about the trending technology in education, visit VR Mysticraft.